Greenhouse Gallery:

Greenhouses committed to indoor plant necessities.

The wooden structure of Yoderbilt greenhouses are constructed entirely with Eastern Red Cedar.  Using red cedar will ensure your greenhouse does not crumble under the moist conditions as it's rot-resistant and a natural bug repellent.  Ideally our greenhouses are dropped on blocks or concrete pads, but also have the capability of being placed directly on the ground.

Features that are constructed to your likes.


We give you the option of providing your own amenities to the greenhouse structure.  Front and rear windows are coupled with an auto vent opening system that works automatically, supplying the entire greenhouse with "auto-ventilation", circulating oxygen flow with-in your greenhouse.  This system gives your greenhouse constant air exchange that runs on absolutely no electricity!  Yoderbilt also supplies you the option of gaining more volume within the greenhouse by adding additional plant shelving to accommodate to your nursery.


Dutch Doors

Adding Elegance to your greenhouse

The Dutch Door adds beauty and provides a greater cross-ventilation for your greenhouse.  Allowing you to open the top half separate from the bottom half also gives your door structure the ability to stay straighter and squarer longer than traditional full-length doors.

Planting Shelves

giving PLACEMENT for smaller plants

Planting shelves are a great place to put seedlings or small to medium size plants.  Our shelves give you more overall volume inside the portable greenhouse so you can house more plants and are also the perfect height to use as a workbench while you are potting or pruning your plants.



giving CONSISTENT air flow

Each window is operated by Univent opener; these openers are very popular with Greenhouse enthusiasts.  The auto-vent openers begin to slowly open at approximately 75 degrees.  The hotter the temperature rises inside the greenhouse, the further out the vents open. As the temperature cools down the openers starts to close automatically until it is completely shut. 

"The perfect greenhouse"

beautifully house your plants

Not only are our greenhouses structurally sound, they also look excellent outside your residence.  Our Eastern Red Cedar Structure brings a desired look to the industry of greenhouses.  Easy for anyone to maintain and unlike some of the other greenhouses out on the market today, we "build to last".

Customer Satisfaction


Our team is dedicated to producing high quality greenhouses that cater to our customers requirements.  Choose from our custom amenities to help fit your needs.  With custom shelving, automatic ventilation, and our custom dutch doors, we give you the option to outfit these beautiful greenhouses to fill your needed specifications.

Yoderbilt Greenhouses, housing care for your plant life...